Frequently Asked Question & Answers

retrunCABS are a professionally setup service organization providing people with immediate and cheap travel solutions by just a phone call or through Mobile App.
RetrunCABS network utilize the return trips of Taxi nationwide. returnCABS offer on a Franchise based network in its first phase of operations.
Drivers, Passengers and the Public stand to gain from this service.
ReturnCABS extends support to Android,( iphones and Windows – coming soon) based phones.
No. There are no additional charges for booking on the web.
No.  Passenger registration is free. However if you plan to use the service often, you can do so absolutely free on the site & App.
No. returnCABS run with a definite schedule and you will never get late using this service.
You can use the returnCABS service for transporting men or materials from place to place.
The service is network throughout the nation wide.
You can book a returnCABS by scanning the ongoing cab status in our website On noticing an selection just click on the BOOK section and confirm your booking.
You can cancel the service with a phone call. But multiple cancellations withoutsufficient reason will blacklist the client and deny service for defaulters.
No you pay to the Driver on completion of his duty (dropping you to your destination)
You pay by cash (confirmed by retrunCABS – through SMS message intimation).
No. You will call from the nearest taxi and also the returnCABS will help you find your CAB )92 494 24 365 (24hrs).
You will need to contact an the returnCABS operator on 092 494 24 365 (24 hours) or book your taxi
You save time, money and energy  on securing a service from us.
All types of vehicles are available. You can choose or enquire about a particular vehicle .
You will receive an SMS confirmation when you booking is accepted.
You can make payments by cash or cheque or deposit the same to our account as agreed upon.
Reward or BONUS points are given to Channel Partner based on his / her performance evaluated during every quarter.
Membership requirements are payment of Rs. 1,000/- (if you are a CAB Driver) with sufficient knowledge of your territory, Driver license copy, Police verification certificate.
General  advantages are Free intimation of possible return trip confirmations, Status Enquiry calls, all empty trip can fill by passengers.
Call us on 092 494 24 365 (24 hours) or mail us at
Contact your nearest  “Channel Partner” for this service.
Call us on on 092 494 24 365 (24 hours) or mail us at