How It Works is a portal that manages the return journey of CABS registered with their portal arranging passengers from disparate locations in completing their journeys made. In other words, we book passengers for the return trip of empty taxi’s from their destinations following a definite route and time.Most taxi’s run empty during their return trips. Study reveals that 70% of the professionally run taxi network run empty during their return trips. We have devised a new mechanism where we can harness the use of these taxis thus providing the operators with a reassured business and in this way avoiding roadblocks, smoke pollution and other public hazards. Passengers too are benefited when they hire the services of a return taxi. They are charged economically and have the pleasure and comfort of a professionally operated service and safety of a well trusted network worldwide.

Now a glimpse at our service.

The following example is cited with relation to places in Kerala, Southern India.Imagine you are at Thiruvananthapuram and wish to travel to Ernakulam. You will need to go to our website at . Here you will have to specify the places (From and To) in the space provided. Thereupon you have to select the date of travel and search for the same. When you do find a good selection you can book for the same based specifying personal and travel particulars. As a confirmation of booking you will receive an automated response from our server of the booking and a call from the Driver confirming details of the same. On your confirmation you pick and drop facilities will be automatically coordinated and completed in a short time. Our confirmations would be within 10mts of operation .However automated response would be flashed across outlets, franchise, drivers in less than 01 minute from the time of clicking the Send button.

Note: During booking kindly find appropriate specify seating requirements prior to clacking on the confirmation button. You can even clarify the same with the Franchise when he calls back for confirming your details.Payments will have to made in CASH and submitted to the DRIVER on completion of his duties ie., dropping you at the site specified in the requisition.For clarifications on the service (extension or renewal) please get in touch with our office at 092 494 24 365 or mail us at

Offers is commissioned in the state of KERALA with an intention for growth and intends to spread to neighboring states in its efforts to build the network nationwide. In pursuit of this goal the following sections of society are welcomed.